Offensive Azure

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Advanced Red Team Operations Training

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June 13 – 14, 2024

Offensive Azure

(Virtual over Zoom)

Course Length: 16 Hours (2 Days)

Format: Virtual

Tuition: $700 per person (USD)

Includes: 30 day access to labs, certificate of participation, and class recordings that never expire.

Lab Requirement: Students will need to have an Azure Tenant with P2 License and Subscription. All the Labs will be deployed in the Student’s Azure Tenant.

Participants MUST bring a Laptop equipped with a minimum of 8GB RAM and VirtualBox installed. We’ll provide a Windows OVA file for installation within VirtualBox during the course

Students will be provided with:
All the course materials, code snippets, custom scripts, etc; will be provided to the students including the lab manual to solve the individual challenges.

30 days access to the portal to deploy the lab and individual challenges for practice.

Requirements: Basic understanding of cloud technology and penetration testing, along with familiarity in using PowerShell, Python and the Azure CLI.

Course Description:

This comprehensive Offensive Azure Operation & Tactics course provides a deep dive into Azure’s infrastructure and security landscape. This hands-on course equips participants withpractical insights and skills crucial for identifying and exploiting Azure components.

Course Syllabus

Day 1

  • Introduction to Azure/Entra ID
  • Azure Access Controls
  • Enumeration Approach
  • Gaining Initial Foothold
  • Post Exploitation & Lateral Movement Approach

Day 2

  • Entra ID Misconfiguration
  • Pivoting From Cloud to On-prem
  • Pivoting from On-prem to Cloud
  • Maintaining persistence
  • Configuration Assessment

What You’ll Learn:

Participants will explore various modules covering essential components such as Azure infrastructure understanding, enumerationtechniques, initial access strategies including phishing methods, abusing reader  roles, misconfigurations, and exploiting Azure services.

The course extends into post-exploitation techniques, pivoting between cloud and on-premises environments, compromising Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), devices using Microsoft Intune, Entra ID Connect features, leveraging Azure services for persistence, conducting Azure configuration assessments, and utilizing automation tools for security checks.

Who Should Enroll:

This course is for anyone interested in cloud security or wanting to learn the offensive side of Azure Infrastructure.

Whether you’re into penetration testing, managing Azure Cloud, or just curious to learn about cloud hacking, this course explains how to find ways to get in victims Azure account.

It’s good for beginners and experts who want to understand more about how to do bad things in Azure, so you can learn how to stop them.

Course Takeaways:

Acquire practical skills in attacking Azure Cloud through hands-on experience.

Learning several ways to gain initial access and abusing Azure Services

Understanding the hybrid infrastructure and abusing the relationship between Cloud and On-prem


This Course is Hyper-Current

Changes are always made at the last minute to ensure that students receive the most up-to-date and relevant content possible. As a result, the syllabus is subject to change, and course content may be modified based on student skill level, course progression, and other factors.

Not Just Concepts

We get you into the trenches, putting you  into real world scenerios that may frustrate you as we challenge your skills and knowledge.

Not for Beginners

Students should have experience in cybersecurity fundamentals and an understanding of penetration testing and execution of red team operations

Hands On Lab Environemnt

Eight virtual machines using Ubuntu, Windows 10, Kali, and Windows Server 2019

To the Limits

This course is designed to challenge you and you must be willing to face the difficulties we present and not give up

Live training provides students with interactive opportunities to master topics of interest

Offensive Azure Operations and Tactics

Basic Overview

Students will essential components such as Azure infrastructure understanding, enumeration techniques, initial access strategies including phishing methods, abusing reader  roles, misconfigurations, and exploiting Azure services.

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June 13th and 14th, 2024

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